Case History: SE Asia Casing Run

Since the first GB Connections were introduced in 1980, Operators recognized the benefits of competitively priced, semi-premium connections. When downhole service loads warrant robust performance exceeding API Connection ratings, but project economics restrict the use of so-called "premium" connections, GB Connections have filled the gap.

The original GB W Butt was designed to aid running 20" OD casing through a 21 1/4" ID BOP stack. Sloped shoulders on the downhole side of the connector provided self-centering, eliminating hang ups that were common to 20" OD API BTC Casing.

The GB W Butt SC (Special Clearance), introduced in the mid 1980's, allowed running 13 3/8" OD Casing inside of 16" Casing. This allowed putting another string in the well for what was then considered "deep water". In the 1990's, GBT designed a series of project-specific connections to meet some unique drilling challenges. There were drilling riser connections, 100% joint efficient Super SC Coupled Connections, and the new Drilling with Casing/Drilling with Liner Connections.

All GB Connections have demonstrated field experience meeting the challenges of oil and gas exploration and production operations.