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GB WS 3P and GB HB 3P Drilling with Casing Connection

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GB WS 3P – Wear Sleeve with GB 3P Thread | GB HB 3P - Hardbanded with GB 3P Thread


GB Casing Drilling Wear Sleeve/Hard Band is an integral sacrificial sleeve on the leading edge and critical areas on the GB CD 3P connection to minimize wear during drilling operations. In more abrasive environments the sleeve can also be hard faced.


For use in non-abrasive environments

  • Running Standard Large OD Downhole Casing Applications
  • Rotating To aid string advancement
  • Drilling with Casing / Drilling with Liners
  • Driving


Specialty semi-premium connection machined from API Coupling Stock. Like the GB CD 3P, both the GB WS 3P and GB HB 3P Connection performances exceed that of standard API connections. Connection designed with 3-Pitch threadform for easy-stabbing, fast makeup without cross-threading. Innovative, multiple taper thread design (box only) reduces localized bearing stresses in critical areas for improved fatigue resistance.

Pin noses meet in the center for positive indication of proper field makeup. Pin noses, designed for maximum bearing face area, provide high torque resistance. GB WS 3P has integral, sacrificial wear sleeve to protect the leading edge and critical areas of the connection that commonly wear during drilling operations. For the most abrasive environments the wear sleeve can be furnished with hard-facing (GB HB 3P).


  • Uses GB 3P threads.
  • Easy-stabbing
  • fast makeup without cross-threading.
  • Meets API Coupling OD and Drift Diameter Specifications.
  • Field proven in a variety of static and dynamic applications.
  • Excellent make/break repeatability under field conditions.
  • Enhanced fatigue life.
  • Drive-able.
  • Can be inspected with standard API Thread Gauges by any properly trained/experienced Third Party.
  • Positive makeup indication with pin nose engagement in center of connection.
  • Also has API Triangle Stamp on Pin for secondary makeup verification.
  • Innovative Multiple Taper Design reduces localized bearing stresses for enhanced fatigue resistance and reduced galling potential.
  • High Torque resistance.


  • Casing sizes 16″ OD to 20″ OD. All API Casing Grades and 16″ OD through 20″ OD Line Pipe; Grades X-56 and X-80.

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